Are YOU making these 3 CRITICAL

 COPY mistakes ...

1-  Assuming your copy will be read. 

   (We skim...cuz we're lazy and busy.)

2 - Assuming that potential leads will care about what your copy has to say.

  (We only care if it's about us.)

 3-  Assuming that just because you have 'sales' copy that customers will buy. 

  (We don't trust or believe what you say!)

If you made any one of these mistakes, 

you're losing clients and sales.

Hi! I'm Toni Marie LaGree, kick butt copywriter and comedy writer.

Ready to capture your audiences attention and then earn their trust? Let's chat!

(I take my coffee like the air I breathe, everywhere and free is best!)

Are you ready use words that people will REALLY read? Yes, I want tips on how to write COPY that gets READ!

You don't even have to trust what Toni says.

It's What They Say that COUNTS!

Ruble C.  

Author, speaker, coach

Get her before she goes off and writes for the Tonight Show!

"Toni is an incredible talent for humor writing. She is imaginative and natural. This is our second project with her. On the first project we worked with her, we went through a lot of candidate's samples before our team decided she is the best humor writer available. This time it was a no brainer to work with the best. Get her before she goes off and writes for the Tonight Show. Toni, you are an incredible talent and we love working with you."

Chris & John

Serial Entrepreneurs

Toni was amazing.

"She was responsive, professional, matched the tone we were after and really put some thought into the content that she built for us. A very talented writer. Looking forward to working with her in the future."

Chris & Ryan Z. 

Award-winning Magicians

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Toni!

"Toni did a fantastic job of brainstorming, drafting, revising and completing a theatrical script. She is a team player and stays engaged. Her communication is excellent; whether by email, messenger or telephone... she makes herself available and responds quickly. If you’re looking for someone to write a creative piece, don’t hesitate to reach out to Toni!"

I Invite You To Take A Peek

From Harmon Brothers' style video scripts, to online courses, emails, blogs, website copy, social media ads, copy editing for books, and even comic books, I create copy that counts.

toni marie lagree and open formula scripts

About Me.

As a professional copywriter my job is to walk in your brand's shoes and delve into the hearts and minds of your target audience. My words build the bridge between you and your customer.

What About You?

Maybe you have launched your product or service but your offers just aren't converting like you hoped.  Or you're struggling to get any interaction from your emails. 

• If you are ready to build a lasting connection with your clients through your website...

• If you want to create email copy that actually sounds like it comes from a friend and someone your clients trust...

• If you are ready to increase your brand's fan base with a person-to-person connection...

Then let's talk. secret specialty is writing comedy and humor! I'm a top-rated joke writer on Check me out:

"Illusionist David Blaine pulled off the near impossible of a “hand-held” balloon ride to 4.7 miles above the Arizona dessert. Then he skydived back to Earth at speeds over 120mph. The only thing dropping faster than David Blaine are Telsa shares."

Ready to Reel them in with Real Copy?


It's time for you to use words that get read, heard, and understood.