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Not being noticed leads to... 

No audience.

No connection.

No sales.

No growth.  (That's a problem.)

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Hi! I'm Toni LaGree, comedy writer, marketercommunications strategist.

There's ONLY 1 way to get CONTENT BORING!

 From sales funnels, corporate presentations to performing on stage to scripts, and more, Toni writes words that pack a punch!


Toni was fantastic. She delivered work in a timely fashion and her work product was excellent. I can't give her enough positive feedback -- she really was that good with our project.

Leslie Restaino U.S. Compliance Officer, ascendis pharma


Toni delivers the laughs: I chose Toni as my open mic, standup comedy coach because she’s excellent at helping draw out the humor in every situation and deliver punchlines succinctly in writing and onstage. Her wit is second to none in flipping the script to make my funny more accessible and laughable for broader audiences.

Bruce Umpstead - Visionary Education Technology Leader & Standup Comedian

Goldfish Do It Better! And length does matter (attention spans are down to 6 to 8-seconds).

To grab attention you need to put it out there and... 


It's time to pimp your hooks. Everyone is doing it! 

Download your FREE copy "Hook Like A Pro" and start turning heads with your writing and sales copy!

Tired of content that doesn't even capture attention, let alone make life long customers?

Everything is a story...

From ad copy to comic strips, sales letters, and jokes everything is a story. Comic strips are one of the most challenging use of the 3 act story structure. Here are my strips written for Brain Caffeine. 

Artwork is by Rick Menard.  

Work -  That's Funny!

From Harmon Brothers' style video scripts, to online courses, emails, blogs, website copy, social media ads, copy editing for books, and even comic books, I create copy that's anything but boring.

toni marie lagree and open formula scripts

You don't even have to trust what Toni says.

It's What They Say that COUNTS!

Ruble C.  

Author, speaker, coach

Get her before she goes off and writes for the Tonight Show!

"Toni is an incredible talent for humor writing. She is imaginative and natural. This is our second project with her. On the first project we worked with her, we went through a lot of candidate's samples before our team decided she is the best humor writer available. This time it was a no brainer to work with the best. Get her before she goes off and writes for the Tonight Show. Toni, you are an incredible talent and we love working with you."

Chris & John

Serial Entrepreneurs

Toni was amazing.

"She was responsive, professional, matched the tone we were after and really put some thought into the content that she built for us. A very talented writer. Looking forward to working with her in the future."

Chris & Ryan Z. 

Award-winning Magicians

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Toni!

"Toni did a fantastic job of brainstorming, drafting, revising and completing a theatrical script. She is a team player and stays engaged. Her communication is excellent; whether by email, messenger or telephone... she makes herself available and responds quickly. If you’re looking for someone to write a creative piece, don’t hesitate to reach out to Toni!"

About Me.

I have one job, get you words and concepts that get you noticed and sell your products and services to the people who need them most, faster and easier. 

What About You?

• If you are ready to build a lasting connection with your clients through your videos and content...

• If you want to create email copy that actually sounds like it comes from someone your clients care about, increasing their loyalty...

• If you are ready to skyrocket your brand's fan base with a person-to-person connection that makes your fans salivate when they hear from you...

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