A 39% cold email response rate! How?  A personal email was crafted along with a photo of me and the influencer's  Instagram page.  

Hi! I'm Toni LaGree a senior level copywriter and former comedian.



that Brings More Traffic, Conversions, and Sales...

I've helped companies build solid social engagement and increased email conversions with high-performing copy, ad creatives, and customized strategies. 

Start Building with Better Copy & Campaigns.

Your Words Either Make Money...or

They cost money. 

Even little changes to copy make a BIG difference in revenue.

Over 4 emails in one week, Nood's conversions increased by just 0.6%. 

Not much, huh? That less than 1% change equalled $6,574.80 in revenue.*

*The key is constantly testing copy and working with your team for dream results!

(Side note: if you're doing this one thing in your email flow...it could be costing you more than you realize. Most D2C brands don't know this drops their bottom line. Curious?)

"Toni was fantastic. She delivered work in a timely fashion and her work product was excellent. I can't give her enough positive feedback -- she really was that good with our project."

Leslie Restaino U.S. Compliance Officer, ascendis pharma

"As a comedy writer with sales experience, Toni was truly a 5-star freelancer and I enjoyed working with her. She was prompt, communicated clearly and well, and was one of the best writers on this project. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again sometime."

Benjamin TiffanyMarketing, Planet Protein

Video Examples - From Funny to Compelling

Light-hearted, funny ad and explainer video for URL Monitor. 

Fundraising video for Reefs for Life.

Harmon Brothers style video for Open Formula.

Back to School ad for Avery. 


Acendis Pharma

Allmax Batteries


Ad Zombies

Big Tank Entertainment

ColdBru Digital

Color Cinch

Cedar Games

Education House Finland 

Honest Paws

HP Solutions



Open Formula

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