For me and you, it's all about them!

I love getting into your target audience's shoes.

In this case with Mediflow, it was quite a comfortable exploration!

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Hi, I'm Toni Marie LaGree. I'm a copywriter and recovering comedic writer. I write words and develop concepts that sell your products and services faster, easier, and with WAY more fun than your competition! 


As a professional direct response copywriter my job is to walk in your brand's shoes and delve into the hearts and minds of your target audience. My words build the bridge between you and your customer. 

Most businesses have this problem. Do you?

The problem that most business don't take enough time to know their target audience better than their own mom. When was the last time you talked to your mom on the phone? 

What about a call to some of your target clients?

A little chat with them will help you serve them better. Because...


Your product or service makes someone's life better! And the more clearly you understand how you are making that difference, the better your copy can be tailored to that message. 


Comedy is like chocolate syrup, what ever you pour it on, it just makes it better. Laughter creates connection. Common ground. And lowers people's resistance. 

We automatically don't TRUST. Comedy breaks down that barrier. 

Comedy + Sales = Copy that Connects!

"Toni was truly a 5-star freelancer and I enjoyed working with her. She was prompt, communicated clearly and well, and was one of the best writers on this project. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again sometime."

- Benjamin T. with Planet Protein -

What about YOU?

Maybe you have launched your product or service but your offers just aren't converting like you hoped.  Or you're struggling to get any interaction from your emails. 

• If you are ready to build a lasting connection with your clients through your website...

• If you want to create email copy that actually sounds like it comes from a friend and someone your clients trust...

• If you are ready to increase your brand's fan base with a person-to-person connection...

• Are you ready to take your profitable idea or product and increase the number of lives you are changing?

Then let's talk.

Toni's writing openings fill fast...

Change your words. Change your life...and maybe someone else's too.

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