I write stories. Comic books. And I write the copy, test, and develop strategies that cut through clutter, connect to your target audience, and sell your products or services. 


Quick Social Videos


Comic Books

Film Script

Video Sales Letter Script

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Short Form Ads

Short & Snappy Social Ad Scripts - Parkinson's

Long Form Ads & Copy

Long Form Sales Page - Direct Response

Need direct response copy? I've got you covered! I'm a certified direct response copywriter through Ray Edwards,

Click the image read the proof copy of Ninja Nannies- with changes in progress.

Moonbeam Children's Illustrated Book Silver Medal Winner, Move Over Apple A is for Arrowhead.

Example from Facebook testing. 


To grab eyeballs in today's social media world, it takes testing, testing, and more testing. 


Your ad is competing with the Kardashians, the latest NBA snippets, cat memes and more. 

Animated explainer video script written for URL Monitor.

Animation? Yes, I write animation sales scripts and explainer scripts.

"Great skill in humorous sales scripts and awesome communication!!!"  - Hendrik Henze, CEO URL Monitor

Meet some jokes and punch up that I provided for YouTuber Meet Kevin.

Does your video copy put your audience to sleep?

Add some kick & PUNCH Up!  

"Creative and hard worker - would hire any day for brilliant & relevant comedy! Thank you!" - Meet Kevin

Bl;nkway needed a clean, simple explainer video that showed how they clearly make lives better by reducing content overwhelm. 

How's your explainer video? 

Does your audience clearly see how you solve their problem better than any one else? 

"Toni was great since the very beginning. Clear and objective communication, great level of cooperation, high creativity skills, pure diligence. It was a great experience."  - Jerónimo Duarte, CEO Bl;nkway

Here’s what people are saying:

"Toni was amazing. She went gave great suggestions and feedback. The final project was exactly what we needed & asked for. She even completed the project before the expected date! Couldn't recommend her more!"

 -- Alexandra 

                                                                                  Conduit Innovation

Faster than a toilet flushing away the remains of the day,

 Toni's openings disappear. 

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