There's ONLY 1 way to get STORIES BORING!

Are You Losing Your Marbles over Wandering Customer Eyeballs?

It's Not You!

The Marketing Game Changed.

Your content not only has to capture attention in SECONDS but has to compete against every KARDASHIAN, THE ROCK, and the latest TIKTOK phenomenon.

"But I'm using PAID ADS!"

Paid ads aren't exempt. They're treated just like another piece of content. Let the competition begin!

Forget the Target!

Most brands focus their content creation on their target audience. 

But here's the thing...every platform wants its users to stay at the party as long as possible. 

If your target audience is only a small percentage of total platform users, your content will never take priority over content that is resonating with the larger audience. 

The Solution

A 3-Step Process. 

Step 1

Hook users attention. (Not clickbait. Useful, engaging hooks.)

Step 2

Keep users attention. Build your following by balancing what audiences' want and your product or service.

Step 3

Convert & Monetize. Create enough engaging content that users trust your brand. Then ask for sales. 


Are you confident that your content is getting through?  Then you're golden!

But if your content is performing at low percentages  with little engagement then.... 

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Hi! I'm Toni LaGree, comedy writer, marketercommunications strategist.

There's ONLY 1 way to get CONTENT forgettable.

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It's What They Say that COUNTS!

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